Kilometers LiDAR Distance Instrument IR Range Finder

Kilometers LiDAR Distance Instrument IR Range Finder is used to measure kilometers. This version is for 3 Kilometers distance, just contact us if you need longer distance.

3km Kilometers precision distance measurement :±1m
High reliability, high cost performance
High stability, high impact resistance
Fully assembled LiDAR Distance Instrument which can be used directly


BQR-3000 is a compact and lightweight instrument used to measure kilometers. It’s the smallest of its kind, with weight only 33g. BQR-3000 is a highly precise tool for measuring distances up to 3 Kilometers. This module is eye safety-certified and offers a wide range of technical features.


Technical Features:

The Kilometers LiDAR Distance Instrument integrates an LiDAR, high-end transmitting and receiving optics, and a control circuit. They work together to provide a visible range of up to 6km and a vehicle ranging capability of at least 3km.

The Instrument supports both single and continuous ranging.

Key Performance:

Precise wavelength: 1535nm±5nm
Mini divergence of: <0.5mrad.
Ranging frequency : adjustable 1~10Hz,
Ranging accuracy: ≤±1.5m (RMS)
success rate: >98% .
high-ranging resolution: <30m in multi-target scenarios.


Efficiency and Adaptability:

Despite its powerful performance, it is energy-efficient with an average power consumption of <1.0W at 1Hz and a peak of 5.0W.

Its small size (≤48mm×21mm×31mm) and light weight make it easy to integrate into various systems.


It operates in extreme temperatures (-40℃ to +65℃) and has a wide voltage range compatibility (DC6V to 36V).

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